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Why Choose Uncontested Divorce Online

Couples who want to get a quick divorce in Texas have such an opportunity if they qualify for an uncontested divorce in Texas. In this case, they can represent themselves in court and get an easy divorce without a lawyer after a mandatory 60-day waiting period. 

As a rule, an uncontested divorce requires less time and money than complex contested cases, making a private divorce from the comfort of your home a reality. The absolute advantage of uncontested divorce online in Texas is that it is possible to get cheap divorce online as you can receive ready-to-file forms for only $139. You don’t have to fill in all the paperwork by yourself and worry about the accuracy of the forms – all the documents will be prepared and delivered to you. All you have to do is to complete our online questionnaire. 

Online Divorce with no Children

Get complete packet of documents ready for court in a few clicks, Step-by-step filing instructions included.

$ 139 + court fees
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Online Divorce with Children

A perfect money-saver for couples who have children – custody and child support forms are included.

$ 139 + court fees
installment plan

Installment Plan

Split your bill into partial payments. Flexible terms & no extra fees.

Negotiable price + court fees
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Internet Divorce From The Comfort of Your Home

How to File for Divorce Online in Texas

The first step before using Texas online divorce assistance service is to check if you qualify for Texas uncontested divorce. To do it, make sure you and your spouse know each other’s locations and agree on the way you want to manage childcare, finances, and assets.

Moreover, to get a divorce online, at least one of the spouses must live in the state for 6 months and be a county resident for at least 90 days before filing for the divorce. If the residency requirements are met, you can proceed with the registration on our website.

Once you complete the questionnaire, all the forms relevant to your specific case will be completed automatically. With our help, you will receive accurate paperwork which will greatly ease the process of Texas online divorce filing. Our reliable and easy-to-use service makes the pre-filing stage of the divorce as smooth and stress-free as possible.


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Compare Your Options for Filing for Divorce in Texas

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Divorce With a Lawyer

Legal assistance is required for contested cases when spouses cannot reach an agreement on property division or child-related issues.

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Texas Online Divorce

The top-notch tool for uncontested divorce. Quick, affordable, and easy-to-use online service, specifically designed for uncontested divorce cases

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Do-It-Yourself Divorce

The cheapest yet not the easiest way to get a divorce

Complete Set of Divorce Documents

Texas Divorce Forms You Need to Prepare

Couples filing an uncontested divorce can surely get Texas uncontested divorce forms free of charge and fill them out by themselves. However, most spouses find it hard to understand which forms to use and how to answer certain questions. A great solution to these issues is using a reliable service to get papers for online divorce for only $139 and forget about the troubles of dealing with the documents.

When it comes to preparing Texas divorce papers online, our system takes all your answers into account to make sure you receive all the necessary forms relevant to your case. We will ask you to provide only the information required to fill out the documents for you accurately. This would be:

  • Full names of both spouses
  • Date and place of the registration of marriage
  • Information about the property, mutual assets, and debts
  • Information regarding children
  • Address where both spouses live
  • Financial, tax, and insurance information 
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Once the questionnaire is submitted, all the forms will be completed and delivered to you in 5 days. Here is an approximate list of the forms to file with the court:

What to Do

Steps for Do It Yourself Divorce in Texas

Couples that reached an agreement regarding all divorce-related issues can save a lot of money by representing themselves in court without a lawyer. Self divorce in Texas gives the spouses more control over the timing and the money spent on the marriage dissolution. Let’s look at the steps of do-it-yourself divorce in Texas:

Pre-filing stage of divorce.

At this point, the couple needs to complete all the relevant forms for their specific case. If you would like to avoid inaccuracies in your documents, turn to our professional help with the divorce forms preparation.

Filing with the court.

When all the forms are ready, a petitioner must visit the clerk’s office and file the original petition and other documents to officially start the process of divorce. The petitioner must pay a filing fee unless they qualify for a fee waiver due to low income. If you would like to file for divorce in Texas online, it is better to clarify in advance if this option is available in your county.

Serving the spouse with copies of original documents.

Once the documents are filed with the court, it’s the responsibility of the petitioner to notify the other spouse and to serve the paperwork. It can be done with the help of a process server or a sheriff. The respondent must file the Answer to the Original Petition within a 20-day period or sign the Waiver of Service in presence of a notary. 

Finalizing the divorce process.

After a mandatory 60-day waiting period, the petitioner can contact the clerk's office and schedule the final hearing in the court. If everything is in order, it doesn’t take long for the judge to sign the Final Decree of Divorce, which later must be filed in the clerk’s office. From that moment, the divorce is officially final.

Divorce Waiting Period

Many couples looking for a fast divorce in Texas wonder what the minimal divorce timeline is. There is a mandatory 60-day Texas divorce waiting period, also known as a cooling-off period. It means that even a simple uncontested divorce cannot be finalized faster than in 61 days. However, the uncontested divorce timeline is usually from three to six months due to the busy court schedule.

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Steven V. Delvin


Using this online service was the best decision! We saved a lot of money and are 100% satisfied with the results.


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Earline A. Goldberg

High school teacher

I highly recommend this company! My ex-husband and I had an uncontested divorce and we received all the necessary documents that were accepted on the first try.

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Casey S. Hughes


After getting an estimate from a lawyer, this service was like a breath of fresh air. Cheap, quick, and simple process. Don’t hesitate to use it!

Frequently Asked Questions

In Texas, the spouses can file the documents with the court themselves or ask the clerk if online filing is available in their county.

If you and your spouse have solved all issues related to child custody and support, and your divorce case is uncontested, you are welcome to order our online divorce forms.

It is possible to get help with a divorce online if spouses have reached an agreement regarding the property and debt division.

According to Texas residency requirements, one of the spouses must reside in Texas for at least 6 months and in a county for at least 90 days before filing a divorce. Texas courts will likely have jurisdiction to make decisions on your children if it’s their home state. If you’re unsure, it’s better to get legal advice on the matter.

No, TexasOnlineDivorce only provides the filled-out forms relevant to your case, which you can later file with the court yourself. However, you will also receive comprehensive filing instructions that will make the filing process fast and easy.

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