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How to Get a Cheap Divorce in Texas

When it comes to divorce, one of the biggest concerns couples may have is its price. There is a common belief that divorce is always a costly procedure. However, thousands of couples get a cheap and fast divorce each year. How?

A lawyer’s fee is the biggest expense for those trying to end their marriage. When you and your spouse are ready to reach divorce agreements yourself and handle the divorce steps on your own, hiring an attorney becomes optional. You can, therefore, complete the paperwork yourself or get affordable help online.

When it comes to the filing process, these are the steps for getting a divorce in Texas without a lawyer:

  1. Prepare all the necessary forms for filing a divorce in Texas. Our Texas online divorce papersservice will be glad to help you with the process.
  2. Sign the original divorce forms and file them with the clerk’s office of your county. 
  3. Pay the filing fees unless you qualify for a waiver.
  4. Notify the other spouse by serving them copies of the documents.
  5. Have the respondent file the Answer or a Waiver of Service in a 20-day period.
  6. Wait a mandatory 60-day Texas waiting period and attend the final hearing.
  7. Once the judge signs the Final Decree of Divorce, file it at the clerk’s office and send copies of the paperwork to the other spouse.
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Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce Packages

If you are looking for an affordable divorce in Texas, use a reliable online service for completing the documents and get quick and cheap divorce.

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Low-cost Divorce Without a Lawyer’s Fees

Uncontested Divorce: Working Together to Save Money

Spouses who agreed on ways to take care of their children and manage their assets and finances after ending their marriage can file for divorce without using a lawyer. Here is why you should consider this option:

  • The average price of legal assistance in Texas is $250 per hour, and lawyers often request retainers worth thousands of dollars. You can get an affordable divorce in Texas by taking care of the process yourself.
  • An uncontested (agreed-upon) divorce is usually faster and less stressful than a contested one, which may take from 6 months to several years, resulting in high expenses on lawyer’s services. Therefore, it is always better for spouses to be cooperative and reach a mutually beneficial agreement.
  • It is absolutely legal that in case of an uncontested divorce, spouses represent themselves in court pro se (without a lawyer). When you and your spouse are in full agreement, it won’t be difficult to manageTexas online divorce filing on your own.

When spouses choose a do-it-yourself divorce without legal assistance, it is very important to complete all the paperwork correctly, as any mistake may lead to extra expenses or unsatisfactory outcomes of the divorce. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to use a reliable online service for preparing divorce documents. You get up-to-date, cheap divorce papers filled out and ready for you to bring to court. Besides, you will save money on the pricey attorney’s services and avoid the challenges of dealing with the paperwork yourself.

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